Spurring the new energy revolution

CITAX ENERGY Energizing Growth

A new energy revolution is underway. Owing to dramatic economic growth coupled with demographic expansion in developing economies like India, the projected total energy demand is more than double by 2040. At Citax we are working towards securing the resources for expanding economies. Augmenting energy supplies is key in this endeavor to Citax’s promise of Energizing Growth.

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CITAX - Overview

We are a global conglomerate based in London, Dubai and Singapore, with primary interests in core sectors of energy, finance and healthcare that form the foundation of every modern economy. We plan to leverage synergies across our energy businesses as we forward integrate and race ahead.

From building a world-class refinery that aims to ensure energy security for growing economies of the developing world, we're today focused on our vision to fuel us forward.

Our interests are turning around potentially viable industrial enterprises and pushing healthcare to unleash new modes of thwarting disease, bringing to life unimagined possibilities.

And we do it all so that the world around us can continue to be Energized.